3 Tips for Jump-Starting Your Workweek

October 31, 2016 in
By FMP Staff

Are you ready to have the best week ever?  We thought so. Here are 3 tips to jump-start your workweek:

1. Wake up early to get a head start.

Setting your alarm clock even just 30 minutes earlier will provide you with the feeling that you’re getting a jump on things. Take this time to exercise, prepare a healthy breakfast, or just relax. Not feeling rushed is the new luxury we are all seeking.

2. Take time to review and prioritize tasks.

Give yourself the gift of planning ahead. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be exhaustive; simply review some of the week’s tasks and map out a few you want to accomplish first. You’ll be taking proactive steps to stay focused on what really matters in the week ahead.

3. Add some creativity to your day

Schedule a brainstorming session to boost collaboration and creativity among your team. Whether brainstorming new staff incentives or client related initiatives, exchanging insights can spark more energy to fuel the rest of your day, and week!

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