Our Mission

What WE Do

FMP is a leading-edge professional services firm that provides evidence-based workforce and organizational management solutions to transform the public sector and unleash the competitive advantage of business and industry. We leverage our strategic human capital and business savvy to develop practical, customized solutions that generate real results. No matter the obstacle, the FMP team will figure it out!

How We're Different

We take our clients’ challenges personally and deliver tailored, innovative solutions. We’re not just consultants: we are trusted partners who treat our clients’ challenges as our own. We don’t believe in formulaic solutions; our value is in the flexible and customized quality of our work.

We are

We are smart, creative people who enjoy re-imagining ways to solve tough problems. We bring ingenuity first and foremost to our clients: we tackle every challenge with an open, flexible mind and an entrepreneurial energy. We don’t need a roadmap or a user guide. No precedent? No problem.

We are

We are committed to making our clients’ lives easier. Trust is central to our service: our clients feel supported, valued, important, and understood. We bring a high degree of integrity to our work and take responsibility for outcomes, not actions. No project or challenge is too great; we will be the ones to figure it out.

We are

We consistently deliver high quality, custom-tailored solutions to each of our clients. No exceptions. We invest a great deal of time and energy to understand our clients thoroughly, their unique challenges, and how we can help their organizations be successful. We are careful and thorough, but never at the cost of being inflexible.

We are

We work in harmony with clients, partners and members of our own staff. We take pride in our ability to embed ourselves at other organizations, naturally becoming an extension of existing teams. We are thoughtful and fair, with a genuine interest in helping people and organizations work more efficiently.

What We Stand For

At FMP, how we accomplish our work is as important as the work we do. We are dedicated to the highest standards of integrity and excellence. The “FMP Way” means working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to understand their challenges and develop effective, tailored solutions.

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We value partnership and work tirelessly to fully understand what will make each client successful.

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No matter the scale of the challenge, we bring an entrepreneurial spirit to each and every engagement, investing the time, energy, and passion necessary to solve even the most complex problems.

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We bring a high degree of knowledge, ingenuity and flexibility to our work. If our client isn’t delighted, our job isn’t finished.

The Value We Provide

Our solutions deliver sustainable, positive change. We are committed to making our clients’ lives easier. We build our clients’ capabilities so that they can function at a higher level long after we are gone. We have a proven track record of helping clients across a variety of organizations and agencies achieve success. Here’s what our clients say about working with us: