All About FMP’s Internship Program

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FMP hires Human Capital interns each summer. Most often, these interns are partially through graduate school and are seeking work experience as part of their graduate program. Interns can come from a number of different programs, but most commonly they come from Industrial Organizational Psychology (I-O) programs, as well as MBA programs. Since these interns are expected to work on billable client efforts, they are required to be US citizens and to have attained their bachelor’s degree.  Occasionally, and based on work volume, we have also hired Business Development and Marketing interns. Since these interns are expected to work on internal initiatives, it is not essential that they have a four-year degree and have come from a wide variety of undergraduate majors. In general, we look for candidates who are seeking a well-rounded experience, enjoy team collaboration, and are willing to dig in and work in an ever-changing environment that will provide a real-world view of life as a consultant.

Internship postings are released in February of each year. We collect resumes over a one-month period and then conduct interviews with approximately 8-15 candidates. Candidates who are selected to move to the second-round interview also participate in a writing assessment tailored to their level of experience. The internships begin in mid-late May and conclude in August when students need to return to school. Each intern receives performance feedback at the conclusion of their summer assignment. Depending on their course load, interns can continue to work on a part time basis when they return to school.

Yes! Human Capital interns who have obtained a four-year degree are considered billable and can work directly with clients or in partnership with other FMP employees who support client efforts. Undergraduate interns typically are part of the Internal Operation Strategy Group and will work directly with FMP employees on internal initiatives.

At the start of an intern’s assignment, they will work with their supervisor to identify 2-3 goals and objectives for the summer. Examples of these goals can look like exploring a career path post-graduation, developing stronger presentation skills, and developing a professional network. Throughout the summer, interns attend check-ins with supervisors to monitor progress and development towards these goals. At the close of the summer, interns participate in a performance feedback session. These sessions mimic those conducted with full time employees at FMP. Supervisors request performance feedback from the intern’s co-workers and gather details about noteworthy strengths and development opportunities.

FMP offers interns the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with experienced consultants and to serve in roles that also offer client exposure. FMP’s goal is to provide a real taste of life as a consultant and to offer interns a view on the career paths available in the human capital field. Interns at FMP are encouraged to participate in the many internal training and development opportunities offered to employees and are also invited to network and attend events that will broaden their professional sphere. Interns conduct onboarding interviews over the summer, which allow them to ask their own questions and individually connect with co-workers in a casual, yet professional setting.

Interns are provided with additional support at the start of their internship through onboarding and professionalism meetings. In these meetings, the interns are introduced to the various ways they can connect with one another and others within FMP all summer long. Interns have the opportunity to attend “Intern Chats” based on a topic of their interest. In these chats, 2-3 FMPers sit down with the interns to answer their questions and share their knowledge and experience. Depending on the number of interns in a summer, the cohort may meet regularly to talk about their experiences and any challenges they are encountering.

FMP’s capstone project is an opportunity at the end of the summer period for interns to share their accomplishments with the workforce. This capstone offers interns the opportunity to work on their oral presentation skills and helps them summarize their efforts. Interns are encouraged to build a presentation deck and to allow time for Q&A from the audience. Typically, each intern will take about 10-15 minutes to talk about their experiences and what they worked on. The format of the presentation is not limited to a presentation deck, as some previous interns have created a video outlining their summer experience.

All departing employees, including interns, are considered a part of FMP’s Alumni network. FMP will occasionally contact the network to keep them abreast of events and activities. In addition to this network, interns are encouraged to stay in touch with their supervisors and HR as they conclude school and enter the job market. It is quite common for interns who have received positive performance feedback to transition to a full time and permanent role with FMP.

Andrew Kurowski
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Andrew Kurowski joined FMP in May of 2023 as a Business Development and Marketing Intern and works on various projects for the FMP’s internal operations team. He is a current undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame studying Finance and Accounting. He grew up in Fairfax, Virginia and is passionate about ice hockey and traveling.