Employee Spotlight: Samantha England

April 17, 2024 in , ,
By Jacob Deaton

Today, we have the opportunity to get to know Samantha England, a Consultant II at FMP. Samantha is from Monmouth County, New Jersey and earned her Ph.D in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma. Read on to learn more about Samantha!

A dog wearing a tuxedo and a bow tie.
My pug Petunia dressed up for her Men in Black Halloween costume.

I am a trained Industrial-Organizational Psychologist – you can call me a people enthusiast! I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma, where my love for understanding human behavior and optimizing workplace dynamics took root. With a passion for human capital management, I have worked in the corporate world as a consultant, with experience in both private and government sectors. I am all about blending academic insights with real-world solutions. It’s been a thrilling journey helping companies thrive by bringing out the best in their people!

I have a handful of hobbies that keep me entertained when I am not working. Lately, I’ve dived headfirst into the world of crochet. I took some classes at a local yarn shop, and I’m thrilled to say I’ve just completed my first pair of mittens. Watch out, world, homemade blankets and snuggly sweaters for all my friends are in the works! On the literary front, I’ve rediscovered my passion for reading post-grad school. Fantasy worlds have become my home away from home, and if you’re into that realm, do yourself a favor and get lost in Naomi Novik’s Scholomance Series – it’s an absolute gem! When I’m not hooked on a good book or crocheting, you’ll likely find me cozying up with my pug Petunia for a new TV series or diving into strategic battles over board games with my friends.

I am currently a Human Capital Consultant II at FMP. This role allows me to dive deep into the world of human capital – helping businesses navigate the intricate maze of optimizing their most valuable asset: their people. At FMP, it’s all about crafting strategies that empower organizations to thrive by fostering a workplace culture that’s both employee-centric and performance-driven. Being part of this dynamic team is like blending science with real-world sorcery – making the workplace a better, more productive and happier space for everyone involved.

Sam posing with a group of her friends in cap and gown.
My friends and me on graduation day.

I am working on some exciting projects, lending my expertise to support the National Science Foundation (NSF) with their training and executive development programs. It’s a bit like being part of the backstage crew of an incredible show – working behind the scenes to ensure that the brilliant minds at NSF have the tools they need to shine. It’s a rewarding journey, getting to contribute to such a crucial space where innovation and growth go hand in hand.

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Jacob Deaton

Jacob Deaton was with FMP for over two years as the Business Development Analyst on the GO Team. He is located in Arlington, Virginia. In his free time, he enjoys producing music, playing golf, and participating in DC sports leagues!