FMP is named one of Alexandria’s Healthiest Places to Work in 2015!

June 10, 2016 in
By FMP Staff

FMP was named one of the six winners of the 2015 Healthy Workplace Awards by Work Well, Live Well, the newest workgroup of the Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria. This award recognizes businesses in Alexandria that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to employees health and wellness. FMP established a Work-Life Effectiveness (W-LE) Program in 2008 to dedicate resources to helping employees achieve work-life balance. Through a renewed focus on wellness resulting from an innovation competition winning idea to cultivate a workplace wellness culture, the W-LE team established FMP Well in December 2014. This idea was born out of the understanding that individuals of all ages, locations, and levels of personal fitness can benefit from some level of physical activity, dietary guidance, preventive health screening, and making healthy choices. While wellness is an individual responsibility, FMP has expanded opportunities for our employees to empower them to choose wellness and build healthy habits that lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive self.

FMPWell was launched and implemented through a series of quarterly month-long campaigns, each designed to focus on a different aspect of wellness that was of interest to FMP employees: health awareness and education, physical activity, nutrition, and stress management. Each campaign was designed to drive target levels of participation by employees and leadership in the wellness activities so that those who participated could ultimately build or sustain healthy habits.

  • Participated in biometric screenings and health assessments, a “Healthy Living Simplified” nutrition seminar facilitated by a certified health coach, a physical challenge to hit the gym (including a field trip to the on-site gym sponsored by FMP), a mindfulness session facilitated by an FMP employee and certified yoga instructor, and a wellness education fair and raffle.
  • Logged 30,296 minutes of physical activity during a 4-week “What Moves You? Campaign”. That’s the equivalent of completing 125 marathons, climbing Mt. Everest twice, or taking 3 million steps! We also held a free on-site yoga class.
  • Completed an “Eat Well Challenge” in which employees were challenged to try new healthy food options or cut back on less nutritious options over a 4-week period to earn weekly prizes; and participated in a nutritious eating workshop titled “Smarter nutrition, richer life: The art of replacing”, facilitated by a medical doctor/health coach.
  • Relieved stress through free, on-site chair massages; attended a “Building Your Resiliency” workshop focused on learning techniques to better manage one’s own response to stress
  • Engaged in a roundtable discussion featuring FMP employees and leaders sharing personal stories and tips for managing stress and achieving work-life balance.

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