FMP’s New Employee Ambassador Program

Starting a new job is a huge transition and can be accompanied by a range of emotions and experiences. You’re required to reorient yourself to new ways of working, meet new people, and learn how to navigate a new organization—all of which can make onboarding seem like a herculean task. When you are required to do this all alone, within your first few days on the job, onboarding can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or lost. As noted in previous blogs, effective onboarding processes set the tone for your experience within an organization.

Cheerful Blue Welcome Message Illustration with WELCOME TO THE TEAM and Megaphone.

At FMP, we strive to make sure everyone has a smooth onboarding process and feels supported throughout it. One way in which we support our new employees is including them in the New Employee Ambassador Program. The goal of the New Employee Ambassador Program is to help transition new employees into the organization by pairing them with a current FMP staff member who supports them throughout their entire first year on the job, helping to bridge the gap between new and current employees. Research and benchmarking efforts suggest that similar programs significantly improve the experience and productivity of new employees across the Federal government and private sector. Ambassadors at FMP serve as trusted peer resources that help our new employees understand FMP processes, meet colleagues and other essential staff, and find answers to questions and useful employee resources. FMP Ambassadors are trained to not only share personal knowledge, experiences, and expertise, but also to role model FMP’s culture and values.

Some common discussion topics include:

  • Working in a Billable Environment
  • Communication
  • Office Life at FMP
  • Time Management
  • Internal FMP Involvement
  • Meetings and Scheduling
  • Understanding FMP’s Performance Framework
  • Challenges and Wins

Since joining FMP in June of 2022, I’ve had the opportunity to be an FMP Ambassador to four new FMPers. During our recent check-ins, we took the time to discuss the New Employee Ambassador Program and their experiences so far.

What is the most helpful conversation you’ve had with your Ambassador?

Sam England, 1 year at FMP: “The most helpful conversation I have had with Natalie was about FMP’s performance management system. She helped me understand the time commitment of providing feedback for others and for myself. She also shared examples from her prior experiences with the performance management process. This made the performance management process less daunting and helped me to feel more prepared to provide performance feedback.”

Ayat Tamimi, 8 months full time at FMP: “With my ambassador, Natalie, the most helpful conversations have been the ones where we talk to each other as friends rather than coworkers. Being remote has come with challenges, but Natalie has been able to provide me with the same experience I believe I would get in an office setting. There have been times where we had conversations about non-work-related things, and she heard me out and really showed that she listened!”

How has FMP’s onboarding process compared to that of other companies?

Haley Fuller, 6 months FMP: “It has been really incredible and blew other experiences out of the water. At FMP, you are a person, not a number, and you can feel it.”

Julia Dillon, 2 months at FMP: “The onboarding process was very seamless. I feel like I rarely felt like I was drinking from the water hose if at all.”

Being an Ambassador has been an incredible experience. This program has allowed me to play an active role directly strengthening the sense of community here at FMP, for both new hires and current staff. Conversations with my new FMPers have allowed me to learn more about other projects at FMP, expand my network, and foster connections across the organization. It’s been a great opportunity to enhance my leadership, communication, and mentoring skills while making friends along the way!

Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson joined FMP Consulting as a Human Capital Consultant in June 2022. She earned her Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from George Mason University. During her undergraduate time at The College of New Jersey, she studied Psychology with an Industrial-Organizational concentration, and minored in business and human resources management. Natalie has worked with organizations to improve their effectiveness in multiple capability areas. At FMP, she primarily works in Change Management and Communications as well as Employee Recognition and Engagement.