National Library of Medicine

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The Challenge 

With their resources stretched thin across numerous initiatives, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) needed to re-align their organizational structure to realize their vision of improving health information and health equity. To achieve this goal, NLM needed assistance determining their strategic plan, identifying what organizational changes had to be implemented, and supporting their employees through the period of change. 


The Solution 

NLM partnered with FMP to provide the assistance necessary for the organization’s future success. FMP worked directly with the Executive Director of Library Operations (LO) in developing a 2036 Long-Range-Plan (LRP). This strategic plan outlined the plans, processes, and roadmaps for change management that the LO would implement over the next 15 years to align themselves with NLM’s strategic mission of providing accessibility to biomedical information. FMP also worked alongside a newly formed group within NLM to assess internal operations and discover opportunities to leverage automation. FMP then presented their findings in a detailed roll-out-plan for senior leadership and trained administrative staff so that the plan would be executed effectively.  


The Result 

FMP continues to support NLM as their 2036 LRP is implemented throughout the organization. FMP manages a coaching program where all supervisors receive up to 18 hours of coaching services to help them as they navigate through the changes. Finally, FMP provides NLM with hands-on and big picture support working directly with teams to implement specific objectives while simultaneously assisting NLM’s broader reorganization. 

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