5 Quick Ideas to Recharge Teams

December 1, 2016 in
By FMP Staff

Re-energize your teams with these easy-to-implement ideas.

As winter days get darker and colder, at times team motivation can be hard to find. Thankfully, at FMP we know just what to do. Take a look at these five simple, yet effective, solutions to boost morale and recharge your team!

1. Add Some Fun into the Mix

There is no better way to energize your team than creating dedicated time to unwind outside of the daily grind. Next time you need to jump-start your team, schedule a team lunch or happy hour outside of the office. If giving back is more important, find a way to spend time as a group volunteering for a local charitable cause. And, if you need to shed some holiday pounds, arrange a corporate or private group exercise class just for your team. No matter your preference, these group activities encourage engagement and inclusiveness, leading to happier and more productive employees.

2. Refocus on the Bigger Picture

After the start of a project, it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of the overall goal in the presence of individual objectives. Engage and recharge your team by reminding them of the global objective of your project or your organization. Not only will this help ensure daily activities are contributing to the overall success of the project, it reminds team members what they are really working towards, leaving them inspired and motivated to succeed.

3. The Switch-Up

Being in the same location day in, day out can get stale. To freshen things up, don’t be afraid to break the cycle of your team meetings and check-ins. One easy solution is to move your meeting to a new location. For instance, if the weather is pleasant, hold your meeting outdoors or at a nearby park. You can even go to a local café or restaurant to have an informal exchange. Even moving to a different location within your office can often spice things up. Not only will this energize your team, but these new locations can spark innovation and creativity.

4. Model Work-Life Balance

Don’t demand around the clock work! Instead model a 9-5 workday to your team.  Start by avoiding sending emails later than normal business hours, if possible. Demonstrating to them that you know how to find the right balance provides them with the right encouragement and tools to do the same. When your employees come to work rested and recharged, they will be engaged and driven to meet project and organizational objectives.

5. Encourage Life-long Learning

Growth and development is one key to a healthy team and organization. To energize your team, make it a key priority. Encourage your team members to engage in life-long learning by providing the opportunity and time-off to attend trainings and other learning activities such as conferences. Another way to increase growth and development is to reserve time during the day to hold a knowledge sharing session. Not only will this expand your team’s capabilities, it will set the foundation for each member to pursue topics of interest.

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