FMP Consulting offers training courses to support your organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) goals

Is your organization looking to create a workplace culture that is inclusive on the forefront and equitable for all employees. Organizations can take a variety of steps to meet these goals, including offering DE&I training.

DE&I training is important because it supports:

  • Development of Transferable Skills: Employees can apply skills gained in training to tasks and teams outside of DE&I-specific initiatives, enabling the organic development of more inclusive and equitable practices across your organization.
  • Performance Improvements: As managers improve their ability to engage and support a diverse workforce, employee performance also increases.
  • Higher Retention & Engagement: Diverse employees who feel supported and respected by their managers are more likely to stay with an organization and contribute discretionary effort to their work.

FMP has developed a variety of trainings – including Cultivating an Inclusive Team, Cultural Competence, and Diversity & Inclusion for Executives, to name a few – to support our clients’ DE&I efforts.

To find out more, select the information on the courses below and read about the two series of courses we are offering (courses can be offered individually) and contact us to learn more. We are offering a discount on these courses until March 30.