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The Challenge 

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) needed support for the Chief Human Capital Officers Council (CHCOC) Future State Vision of a common user experience, standardized and accessible human capital data, and integrated and accessible Human Capital Information Technology (HRIT). When OPM HRLOB was tasked with modernizing and streamlining how the federal government collected, presented, and analyzed human capital data, they reached out to our experts at FMP.


The Solution 

Through our work with OPM HRLOB, FMP provided data management strategies, enterprise and data architecture, data standardization and integration, data governance and policy work, and project management and stakeholder engagement. Our first step was developing and publishing a Strategic Framework for OPM HRLOB outlining key opportunities to improve efficiency by transitioning to the next generation of shared service delivery solutions. In support of this mission, we created learning materials for the federal human capital community to facilitate the transition. We also built out OPM HRLOB’s Human Capital Information Model (HCIM), a model for governmentwide Human Capital Management (HCM) data standardization, and the Human Capital Federal Integrated Business Framework (HC-FIBF), a governmentwide standard for HCM service delivery. 


The Result 

We supported OPM HRLOB in their vision by developing HCM service models that promote interoperability, accessibility, and usability of human capital data; defining HCM business and data standards; and developing tools to support evidence-based decisions about the workforce and employee lifecycle activities. We continue to assist OPM HRLOB in their efforts to modernize and it is estimated that the changes will save the federal government $1 billion by 2025. 

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