The Value of Competency Models

November 3, 2016 in
By FMP Staff

Competencies form the foundation of many human capital and talent management efforts. As such, they play a vital role in an organization’s ability to select, develop, train, assess, and retain a competitive workforce. It is vital that organizations, large and small, have thoughtfully considered their development and use.

Not sure where to start? FMP Consulting has more than 25 years of experience developing and validating competency models, working in partnership to gain an inside perspective into the specific, behavior-based indicators of successful performance. Our expertise can support the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to succession planning.

Recruiting & Hiring

  • Competency models provide a guide to the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to be successful on the job. You will gain insight into which skills are needed at hire and which can be developed on the job.
  • Competency-based assessment questions ensure your organization is asking the right questions to assess the full-range of skills needed at the time of hire.
  • Using the proficiency levels assigned to specific occupations and competencies, hiring managers can compare a candidate’s abilities to those outlined in the model, leading your organization to make educated hiring decisions.

Developing & Retaining

  • Competencies provide a means to develop career maps that articulate and guide employees on what is needed to advance within your organization.
  • Competency models can help your organization pinpoint exactly what is most vital to develop. This in turn provides specific and meaningful learning goals for your workforce. No more wasted training dollars on skills that are not critical for success.

Performance Management

  • Competency models can support your understanding of exactly “how” work is getting done within your organization.

Workforce & Succession Planning

  • A valid competency model can support your efforts to identify and analyze gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities across your organization.
  • By identifying proficiency gaps among competencies, your organization can plan and implement strategies to close these gaps, better preparing the next generation of organizational leaders.

Learn how FMP and competency modeling can support your organization’s efforts to recruit, hire, develop, and retain the most successful talent.