Organizational Effectiveness

Making your resources work for you.

Metrics & Evaluation

Our evaluation experts develop logic models and evaluation frameworks that align program objectives with desired short- and long-term outcomes, and draw a roadmap for assessing organizational changes. We use both quantitative and qualitative techniques to create a holistic picture and build a chain of evidence to show the effectiveness and impact of organizational programs.

Business Process Analysis & Re-engineering

As organizations grow more complex and resources more constrained, it is even more critical for leaders to understand the intricate connections among business processes. Through business process analysis and re-engineering, we help our clients take discrete business processes, analyze them with relevant work groups, and make changes that optimize efficiency and utility.

Organizational Performance

Every organization is unique. That’s why we believe there is no one ‘right’ organization transformation solution. Instead, we use a tailored approach to assess and recommend improvements to organizational performance. We deliver proven solutions and concrete results that revolve around your organization’s culture, values, people, and mission.

Change Management & Communications

With any organizational change, there are unforeseen events impacting mission, messaging, and migration efforts. As a trusted advisor and partner, we work closely with our clients to develop change management and communication strategies that incorporate best practice methodology and contain contingencies for dealing with shifting dynamics when consistency and clarity must prevail.