Technology & Tools

Working smarter, not harder.

Reporting, Analytics, & Dashboards

Through reporting and analytics tools, we help our clients establish clear and measurable links between organizational programs and direct business results. We use this data to inform decision-making and guide the implementation of employee engagement, development, and retention strategies.

Automated Workload & Staffing Models

With automated workload and staffing models, our clients get immediate access to information about the amount of time and volume of work for each employee and the organization at large. We help our clients interpret this data and understand how to use it for justifying staffing requests, making budget requests, and forecasting potential scenarios based on changes to staffing requirements.

Technology Evaluation & Implementation

Through technology, organizations can increase efficiency and accountability, managers can become more independent, and functional staff can take a strategic approach to helping the organization succeed. We find solutions that balance best practice with practicality and applicability to an organization’s programs and processes, and work with our clients to create high-impact, adaptable, user-friendly technology.

Custom Business Management Solutions

At FMP, we are committed to delivering high quality, customized solutions to each of our clients. No exceptions. We focus our time and energy on thoroughly understanding our clients, their unique challenges and operating environments, and how we can help their organizations be successful.